Financial sustainability is among the ways we can evaluate the performance of the company. It reveals how well the system of income sources has

been designed. Additionally, the analysis will determine how the money is spent and how they can help the company in the future , allowing it to

become more independent.Financial sustainability is based on two important factors – the way that goods are made and the way they are

distributed. If these two steps are streamlined, the business generates lots of profits. Profits can be one of the major sources of capital for the

business. It is crucial to determine the percentage that profits make of all cash flows that come in. The higher it is the more stable the company will

be.WHY THE ANALYSIS IS NEEDED.The main reason for analyzing financial stability is to help shape the future management strategy. If the

business owner is able to analyze the situation of his company it will be much easier to establish goals and plans for the future of it. Here are the issues

which the analysis will solve:Examines any issues with the organization’s operations, then determines the root cause and strategies to fix

them;Methods to improve work efficiency are being sought;to improve the efficiency and rationality in the utilization of resourcesForecasts are made

from what the business’s activities will be if management is not able to make changes to their work.However, it’s not only your company’s financial

health that is evaluated. For instance, a company is planning to start an innovative line of goods.

In order to manufacture the items, it is important to locate sources for raw material. When selecting a supplier, you should also consider the stability

of the company. This is essential to determine if the company will shut down or if he’ll go bankrupt, and whether or not he is able to meet with the

conditions for the company.SOURCES OF INFORMATION The types of documents from which you can find the required information are selected in

accordance with the objectives of the analysis and on the metrics that must be determined. The most readily accessible documents are accounting

reports. It is important to examine:The structure and arrangement of the assetsthe sources of their financing;the dynamic changes that occur in the

indicators. Based on this information, it’s possible to determine the managers are making. For instance, if financial statements reveal how the worth

of assets that are not current is increasing, and the amount of loans for short-term duration is growing which means the manager has chosen the

wrong sources of funding.If a business examines its own financial records and records, it is certain that they are both accurate and trustworthy.


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