How to find out what financial living standards are


Beauty HUB editors have released a series articles about financial literacy for girls. They will cover both the theoretical and practical parts. How to

invest? How to save money How to manage your family’s budget? All of this will be explained to you very soon. We’ll begin with the basics. We’ll

examine and determine our financial level.Copying materials must include a reference to the website.I regret deeply that in this country, very few

people spend time on the proper management and control of their personal finances. It is not taught in school and we are only taught corporate

finance at universities. We don’t know how to make our money work for us. This is the time for girls to change! I will be focusing on the most

important aspects of financial management, and this will not be a long time before it is all in order. We will also start investing but more on that later.

Let’s start by introducing you to the various financial levels in your life. Let me tell you about them, explain why they’re important, and show you

how to position yourself on the “financial maps”. Your relationship with money is the most important factor in your financial status. The ability to

manage them, and of course the amount of money. Because I don’t believe that money is the most important thing, I won’t classify levels in hryvnia as

equivalent. I think the key factor is the ability to manage them and how they are managed. You can easily identify your goals and where you want to go

“tomorrow” by knowing the financial levels.Copying materials requires a link back to the website. How is this possible? It’s very simple. It’s very

simple. Consumer loans, credit cards, quick loans and payday loans are the main tools to reach financial freedom. You will never see a bright future

and a happy life. “Life in minus” can be described as a squirrel trapped in a wheel. You take one loan and give another. This vicious cycle can be

broken by learning the first rule to financial literacy: Live within your means. You can buy an identical phone for 10 000 hryvnias if you are unable to

afford an iPhone. You can also save little-by-little for a new phone and continue to use your old one. This example can be used in any situation. This is

a little digression. I’ll focus on the fact you can save money in separate savings accounts if you feel the need to purchase large quantities. You need to

calculate how long it will take to save enough money to purchase the item you want. Then wait. A good “now” could lead to many problems later. The credit card is the second problem when “living in debt”. You are probably resentful. It doesn’t cost me anything and I pay my loans on-time.

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